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Client Testimonials

Annie Richardson - Scoliosis, Mid Back Pain
Cari Ann Hunt - Neck Pain, Headaches, Vertigo, Hearing Loss
Bonnie Richardson - Neck Pain, Headaches, Mid Back Pain
Bruce Lyon - Back Pain, Neck Pain, Knee Pain
Jeff Williams - Disc Herniation, Low Back Pain, Radicular Pain in Leg
Crystle Partington - Neck Pain from Car Accident
Todd Salisbury - Neck Pain
Mary Beth Farrer - Avoiding Knee Surgery
Tom Hatch - Competitive Bike Racing - Low Back Pain
Adrianna Giles - Foot and Ankle Pain
Matt Wilson - Manual Labor Low Back Pain
Judy Coleman - Chiropractic and Fertility
Bret Braegger - Spondylolisthesis
Jerry Frahm - Semi Pro Fisherman
Bethany Braegger - Low Back Pain, Tension from Standing
Martin & Natalie Schamboeck (from Germany) - Back and Neck Pain, Pregnancy
Bryce Owen - Decompression Treatment for Less Than $6000
Jan Brady - Migraines, Vision Problems
Joanna Jeppsen Wyatt - Fitness Competitor - Posture
Sheldon Mabey - Power lifter - Shoulder Pain
Rob Carr - Rotator Cuff Injury
Dan Peterson - General Health - Pain Management
Kevin Post - Headaches that caused vision problems
Tyler Valberg - Low Back Pain - Health and Wellness
Cheryl Moffitt - Neck pain and Arthritis
Aaron Pacheco - Aaron Pacheco, psoriasis and leg pain